Welcome to Tony's Site

So, I put up this website mainly to display the many photographs I've been taking lately on my scuba trips to various parts of the world. And if I manage to take any interesting pictures of other things or think of anything else, I'll post them as well.

What's New:

8/16/16: It took a while, but my pictures from an April dive trip to the Philippines are finally posted.

8/9/16: Pictures from two days of diving Anacapa Island off the southern California coast.

6/22/16: Just got back from another visit to Idaho, so I compiled a bunch of pictures from previous trips and they are posted here.

11/14/15: The website has been redesigned! The layout was simplified and old stuff cleaned out.

11/6/15: More underwater photos, this time from Tulamben, Bali.

10/31/15: Underwater photos from my trip to Komodo (Indonesia), in September.